Accounting Firms

In 2020 - we gave an interview about how to Corporate Secretaries and Accounting Firms could use Odoo to manage their business operations. Youtube video 

The key take away

1. Odoo standard features can cover 60% to 80% of the needs.

2. The customisations are for:

  • Adding the fields that are specific for the industry e.g. Incorporation date, or FYE or database of related parties

  • Automate the process, (standardise the tasks into templates, one click creation / assignment, automatic notification)

  • Access Rights and User interface so that users can see records that are allowed to see, and none others

3. The four most important modules are:

  • Subscription: to automate the billing

  • Project / Task: to organise and manage the work

  • Timesheet: to control the time spent on task

  • e-sign: for paperless communication

With these odoo modules, Accounting firms can manage their work with a single software, instead of relying of files and spreadsheets !

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