Managing Quality Certificates with Odoo

Odoo Quality Module

Odoo has a nice Quality module, integrated with the Inventory and MRP application. The configuration is quite straight forward:

Configure the Quality Control Points:

  • Where a quality control should be executed. For example, it can be when the goods are delivered by a supplier, or before delivery, or when they are sent to a specific warehouse location
  • The sampling size (all, random, periodically)
  • The checking type (pass/fail, measurements, picture, text)
  • The related product

Once this is done, Odoo will automatically create a "Quality Check" record whenever goods arrive at the designated location. And to move to the next stage, the quality check must be completed.

Quality Certificates

But we can do more. It is sometimes necessary to record multiple measurements, test results, and to issue certificates for the customers. This again is where Odoo open source model shines. We can build on the existing module (integrated with all other odoo modules), and enhance it dramatically. Below are some of the enhancements that we were able to do:

  • Adding multiple tests on a QC record
  • Records multiple measurements
  • Add more information on the product

  • Adding pictures to the test result

  • Printing of Test Certificates directly from the system: Product information, test results, photos


Applicable Industry: Wherever there is a Testing Lab e.g.

  • Trading industry where quality check is critical (e.g. semi-conductor)
  • Service Manufacturing that need to issue certificate of conformity


Thanks to the odoo framework, it is possible to customise a Quality Certificate Module based on the many existing modules:

- Products, Lots (or serial number)

- Document Modules (to store all pictures)

- PDF generation module where templates can be created, mixing data from the document modules (picture), from the product data, the lot/serial number table, the purchase information, and finally from the quality module

- All the usual ERP modules: Sales / Purchase / Inventory

Data are entered only once, and all the documents are generated from the system, with traceability.

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