Automating the accounting of Retailers

Thanks to its open nature, the accounting App of Odoo can be extended. In this blog we'll look at what type of add-ons can be used to improve the productivity of the accounting department of retailers, and some advice for other Odoo users.

Integrating POS / Central kitchen with Accounting

Dedicated POS systems, or central kitchen systems, are usually not good in accounting. However, they can usually generate daily reports, or send data through API calls. For such cases, at Alitec, we have developed custom modules to map the data from the external system with Odoo. The key lessons for any developers would be:

  • The mapping must be user configurable, because the mapping values will change over time

  • There must be consistency controls, and error logs

  • There must be a control mechanism on the rounding / odd-cents

With these features, importing / syncing data from an external POS system (Sales) or procurement system (Purchases) can be safely achieved, and users can save a lot of time and avoid errors.

Receiving e-invoices from Suppliers

For retailers, e-invoices can be used, not for sending invoices, but for receiving them. In the F&B industry a lot of time and errors can be saved !

At Alitec, we have developed a module to connect Odoo to the peppol network (There is a subscription). Contact us to know more.

Sending daily reports to Malls

Retailer that need to manage customer records and accounts, (e.g. tuition centers), often end up with two systems, one for the Customer Records Management, and one for the point-of-sales to comply with the daily reports required by Malls.

With Odoo CRM / Invoicing, managing customer records and purchases is simple. With a specific add-ons, Odoo can generate daily reports and send it to wherever necessary. The key advices are:

  • There must be an option to generate the report in the past manually

  • There must be a log

  • It should be possible to extend the add-on, by adding new malls, new report format, new query parameters. Inform your developer early ! if the program is not designed from the beginning to handle multiple malls, it will quickly become unstable.

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