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Weaver BPM Platform

Bsiness Process Management

The foundation of digital transformation for process automation. Transform business processes into digital workflows using Weaver Low-Code BPM platform – a digital platform that automates business rules and supercharge productivity.

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Workflow Modeling

Graphical workflow modeling tool for citizen developer

Need to swap a couple of nodes into existing process? Just drag-and-drop nodes into workflow chart during modeling operations. No-coding required.

  • Adaptable to complex scenarios of enterprise
  • Define permissions such as specifying users, roles, positions, departments, security levels as operators for workflow nodes
  • Automatic simulation and configuration of workflow before applying it 

Performance Analysis

Multi-dimensional report analysis tool

Get a big picture of the organization process framework and process performance with multi-dimensional tools. In which establishes a PDCA cycle for process management and control.

  • Identify the most frequently used for future optimization processes
  • Real-time monitoring of process execution and status through various dimensions such as organizational, phase, and handling status
  • Multi-dimensional process performance analysis based on form data, process rules, time efficiency and metrics


Shape your customized business workflow applications

Build tailored business workflow apps for contracts, assets, procurement, with no coding required for citizen developers.

Seamlessly connect process, documents, reports, and essential data in one place with limitless library of workflow apps. 

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Automating all business processes in one platform

Connecting people, business process, documents and all digital services in one platform.

Human Resource


Information Technology


After-Sales Service


Quality Control (QC)