What does Digital Mean ?

Going Digital.. these two words can have many meanings, so they can create confusion. I stumbled recently on an article by McKinsey the famous Consulting company, and found it interesting for our local context.

In summary, Digital tools can help your business by:

[1] Optimising Process - Increasing productivity, quality, response time etc.. This would be in line with the national goal of productivity improvement

[2] Broadening market reach - either by digital marketing, or e-commerce or e-shop. This will help your top line (the sales)

[3] Innovation - Sometimes it is a new way of delivering a service (zoom call, chatbot, automated payment) or sometimes it a completely new service (AI driven monitoring system, or AI driven kids tutoring) that are game changers

[4]  Enabling participation - the COVID-19 showed that businesses where staff could work from home could continue to operate. Similarly, businesses that can re-design their business processes to allow older or less qualified staff will be less affected by the pressure from the labor market.

With these in mind, business owners can re-think of where they could possibly prioritise their efforts to go digital. We don't have all the answers, but as an Odoo partner in Singapore we can help.

Customisation is the next step for Productivity for SMEs